2022 Elections

November 08, 2022

AARA v Cochise County Order in the News

The Arizona Alliance got a lot of press for their work pushing for fair elections. Check it out!

Cochise County can’t hand count all ballots, judge rules. Smaller effort allowed by law (USA Today Nov. 7) – also at Arizona Republic (Nov. 7)

Judge blocks hand-count of ballots in Cochise County (NBC-12 Phoenix, Nov. 7) – also at Arizona Public Media (Nov. 7)

Arizona County’s Plan to Hand-Count Ballots Blocked by Judge (U.S. News and World Report, AP, Nov. 7)

Judge blocks Cochise County plan for full hand count of ballots (AZ Mirror, Nov. 7)

Arizona county officials’ hand-count ballots order blocked by judge (Axios, Nov. 7)

Arizona county’s plan to hand-count ballots from midterm elections blocked by judge (Fox News, Nov. 7)

AZ county official sued for his plan to hand count 40K ballots instead of using machines (WFIN Radio Findlay, OH)  – also at ABC-7 and Fox-22, Bangor Maine (Nov. 7) and Yahoo News (Nov. 7)

Elections 2022 updates: Candidates make final push before midterms (NBC News, AP, Nov. 7)

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