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Regular Monthly Meetings

Regular monthly meetings of the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans are hosted in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Meetings educational as well as social, and all are welcome. We encourage you to get involved and join the many other active retirees in your area at an Arizona Alliance meeting. Tucson - 1st Friday @ Donna Liggins, Phoenix - contact us
Where: Tucson: Donna Liggins Center, 2160 N. 6th Ave | | When: Tucson: First Friday of every month @ 11:00am | | RSVP: Tucson: Henry Trejo | Phoenix: Dora Vasquez

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Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans
Arizona Alliance for Retired AmericansFriday, March 27th, 2020 at 8:08pm
"We are well aware of the PPE shortage. The fact the hospitals are unwilling to accept these masks makes me feel like I don’t matter and my family doesn’t matter."
- Joshua Hernandez, Registered Nurse

Now is not the time to play politics. Hospitals are failing both patients and workers alike and putting lives at risk by refusing Healthcare Rising Arizona's offer of more than 2 million surgical-grade masks.