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Regular monthly meetings of the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans are hosted in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Meetings educational as well as social, and all are welcome. We encourage you to get involved and join the many other active retirees in your area at an Arizona Alliance meeting. Tucson - 1st Friday @ Donna Liggins, Phoenix - contact us
Where: Tucson: Donna Liggins Center, 2160 N. 6th Ave | | When: Tucson: First Friday of every month @ 11:00am | | RSVP: Tucson: Henry Trejo | Phoenix: Dora Vasquez

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Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans
Arizona Alliance for Retired AmericansThursday, May 21st, 2020 at 7:32pm
In the middle of the worst public health crisis of our lifetime, Big Business lobbyists are demonstrating just how little they care about the health and safety of our state's working people.
They want the Arizona Legislature to adopt a new bill that would shield negligent corporations from legal liability over pandemic-related lawsuits.
If passed, HB2912 would take away your right to seek legal damages against corporations that endanger our lives during this pandemic. Your right to seek damages for injuries is so important that it’s enshrined in the Arizona Constitution--but this bill would change that.