About Us

The mission of the Alliance for Retired Americans is to ensure social and economic justice and to protect the civil rights of retirees after a lifetime of work.

The Alliance believes that all older and retired persons have a responsibility to strive to create a society that incorporates these goals and rights and that retirement provides them with opportunities to pursue new and expanded activities with their unions, civic organizations and their communities.

A primary objective of the Arizona Alliance is to enroll and mobilize retired union members and other senior and community activists into a nationwide grassroots movement advocating a progressive political and social agenda-one that respects work and strengthens families. The long-term goal of the Arizona Alliance is to become the voice for all older Arizonans. By engaging in important political battles to protect and preserve programs vital to the health and economic security of older Americans, the Arizona Alliance will gain recognition as the country’s leading progressive grassroots senior organization.

In pursuit of these values, the Arizona Alliance will:

  • Build a strong organization of seniors with a viable structure, ample resources and clear objectives – a structure compatible with that of the labor movement and community-based groups at local, state and national levels.
  • Create programs and membership organizations designed to promote a commitment by retired workers and older persons to the concept of lifelong participation in their unions, and in their community, political and civic organizations.
  • Encourage all segments of the senior population to act with unity on legislative, political and policy issues of importance to retirees and their families in order to maximize their influence on federal, state and local governments and on private organizations that affect their interests.

How is the Alliance different from AARP?

The Alliance is made up of retirees and senior activists committed to grassroots activism and advancing programs and policies that benefit all older Americans. We are not in competition with AARP. We believe the Alliance can be singularly effective on behalf of retired workers by focusing on the issues that most affect them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Alliance do?

The Arizona Alliance is a voice for retirees and older Arizonans. Our goal is to educate, energize and mobilize seniors to make a difference through activism. The Alliance fights for:

    • A strengthened Social Security system that will provide guaranteed benefits and protect families for life
    • Health care seniors can depend on through Medicare
    • Affordable and accessible prescription drugs
    • A strong economy
    • Rights for working families