November 08, 2022

AARA Applauds Decision Blocking Illegal Hand Counting of Ballots in Cochise County

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Saundra Cole released the following statement regarding the decision issued by the Arizona Superior Court, Pima County for the County of Cochise in the case Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans v. Crosby.

“The Arizona Alliance sued to block the County’s plan to perform a hand count audit of all early ballots, in violation of state law.

“This ruling is a big win for all voters in Cochise County, particularly older voters who are more likely to vote early in Arizona.

“All voters have the right to cast a ballot that will be counted – in the most accurate way possible. Elected officials must follow the law and this ruling affirms the rule of law.

“This is the third voting rights lawsuit our members have won in Arizona this year. Arizona Alliance members will continue to do whatever we can to ensure all older voters can make their voices heard at the ballot box and strengthen our democracy.”

Read the full order: Cochise Order 11 7 2022.

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