February 12, 2021

Senator Sinema Must Oppose the TRUST Act

Last week, Senator Kyrsten Sinema voted in favor of an amendment that paves the way for cuts to Social Security and Medicare.

The amendment is based on Senator Mitt Romney’s TRUST Act bill, which would create “Rescue Committees” charged with making recommendations to change Social Security and Medicare. The recommendations would be rushed to the Senate floor for a yes or no vote, and no other members or Senators would even be allowed to make an amendment.

This is based on the false premise that the Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds are in crisis. That’s incorrect. In fact, Social Security can pay full benefits until 2035, and 79% of benefits after that. The Medicare Trust Fund is also solvent.

It is essential that Senator Sinema votes NO on the TRUST Act and any other measures that aim to cut Social Security and Medicare.

You can send her a message to demand action by clicking here.

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