December 15, 2015

A very scary TPP Halloween

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Phoenix last Friday when a group of seniors gathered outside the Social Security office to ask Congress to vote “no” on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.   Costumes included a Wall Street Lobbyist, a “Trash the TPP Can”, an anti-TPP lugnut, Batman, a werewolf, the Flash, and several others.  Seniors brought signs proclaiming “TPP is Scary” and that the TPP is a “Bad deal for American Workers, Bad deal for Seniors.”  

The protest, organized by the Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans, was designed to bring attention to this issue while educating the general public about this bad deal.  AZ Alliance President Doug Hart said “We’re here today to bring attention to the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership, a secret agreement going through Washington DC.”  He added “It will raise drug prices for seniors.”    Rally participant Toby Stahl said “TPP is bad for me, it’s bad for my kids, it’s bad for my grandkids.”

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