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December 06, 2013

Seniors to Rally in Support of Health Care Reform

Seniors upset about one-sided negative message and bias in U.S. House of Representatives Meeting

Apache Junction, AZ – Today, seniors and Community Leaders will gather outside the U.S. House of Representatives Field Hearing for the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform to celebrate the Affordable Health Care Act and express disdain for the one-sided message brought by  Chairman Issa.

What:  Rally to Support the Affordable Care Act

Where: Outside the Apache Junction City Council Chambers; 300 E. Superstition Blvd, Apache Junction

When: Friday, December 6, 10:00am

Arizona Alliance for Retired Americans President Doug Hart released the following statement regarding the hearing:

“The Affordable Care Act offers seniors free preventive care and closes the doughnut-hole gap in prescription drug coverage.  This hearing blatantly promotes misinformation to the American public with the goal of eliminating health insurance and expanded Medicare benefits for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans.  It is a preposterous attempt to take our citizens, especially seniors, hostage in a political fight.

“The United States is a country of laws, and the Affordable Care Act is the law of this land. Health care reform was not only signed into law by President Obama in 2010 – it was also ratified once again by the American people when the elections of 2012 took place.

“Since inception of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, Arizona seniors have already saved $37.5M on their prescriptions and 637,000 Arizona seniors have received free, life-saving tests for chronic diseases.

“Retirees worry about their children and grandchildren, and are happy that the law allows young adults under age 26 stay on their parents’ health insurance.  Seniors are glad to see working families finally protected from the greed and outrageous business practices of the insurance companies through the Affordable Care Act.  Medicaid provides care to seniors in nursing homes, people with disabilities, children and working families.

“Hard working people need the security of affordable health care so they can keep themselves and their families healthy, keep their jobs, start new businesses, ensure that their kids can thrive and be successful, and allow their elderly parents to continue living in their own homes.

“Our Affordable Care Act expands Medicaid in Arizona at no state expense, and at no cost to our general fund. In fact, in adding more eligible Arizonans to Medicaid, we can get federal support and reduce state expenses. This also upholds the will of Arizona voters who voted twice to restore Medicaid.

“Health care needs do not go away because individuals do not have insurance coverage. When people are uninsured and cannot pay their bills, it leads to higher private insurance premiums and local taxes to cover the cost of providing uncompensated care. Medicaid turns out to be an important source of funding for rural hospitals and inner-city health care facilities and spending for health care spending generates an economic stimulus. Expanding Medicaid strengthens our economy, communities and our health care facilities.


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